The human hearing is very sensitive. Although the frequency that can be heard by the human ear is between 20 Hz – 20 kHz, in fact, the ultra-high frequency and ultra-low frequency subtle vibrations can change the harmonics, and we can distinguish it, let alone the impact of vibration of signal chain in the system on music reproduction.

The purpose of all isolation pads is to reduce the vibrations that are created by the speaker cabinet resonation, reflective conduction vibration from desktop surface, floor, or vibrations caused by room mode resonace. Therefore, for optimal loudspeaker performance, a decoupling material is required to absorb the aforementioned vibrations from low to high frequencies. Among them, the displacement caused by high-frequency vibration is easier to handle, even with a single decoupling material. However, the low-frequency part of the signal is relatively complicated and much more difficult to deal with.

In order to avoid the displacement phenomenon of low frequency vibration, Powercell uses special composite materials as the main low frequency vibration absorber, which can solve the displacement phenomenon caused by low frequency vibration, effectively reducing the background noise, improving the signal-to-noise ratio , dynamics, low frequency accuracy, and overall clarity of output.

No matter whether it is for a professional studio listening environment or an hifi system Powercell provides a more transparent aural experience.